New Iberia could soon have traffic light cameras around the city, and by the looks of it, residents are pretty supportive.

Increase Use Of CCTV For Traffic Fines Raises £300 Million
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New Iberia Traffic Light Cameras

The New Iberia City Council will soon be hearing a bid from a Tennesse-based company to install traffic cameras throughout the city.

KATC's Drakkar Francois spoke with several New Iberia residents who all seemed to support the idea.

At the upcoming City Council meeting, Tuesday, June 28, 2022, Blue Line Solutions out of Tennesse will make their proposal to secure the contract with the City of New Iberia for the traffic light cameras.

Blue Line Solutions will explain how traffic light cameras will help make New Iberia safer, as well as provide a welcome additional revenue stream for the city.

Increase Use Of CCTV For Traffic Fines Raises £300 Million
Dan Kitwood, Getty Images


Judging by the reaction from residents when asked if they would be in favor of traffic light cameras, it seems that New Iberians are supportive of the idea.

From Drakkar Francois via KATC -

"'I think it’s a good idea,' said Rena Brooks.

'I think it’s a pretty good idea,' said Henry Duplantus.

'It doesn’t bother me,' said Jessie LeGrier."

When the contract between the City of Lafayette and Redflex expired in early 2018, red-light traffic cameras were discontinued except for a select few around the city's school zones.


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