Lafayette roadways, like every other city in America, are inadequate.  However, some of our problems have to do with our drivers.  Acadiana, it's time to get off the phone and drive!

I was behind a lady last week that was in the left lane, side by side with another car in the right lane, both going 30MPH UNDER the speed limit.  Now, the car in the right lane was not the problem here.  It was the lady ON THE PHONE in the left lane who was totally oblivious to the world.

No way is the human mind capable of driving responsibly and having a conversation holding a phone to your ear.  When you hold a phone to your ear and hold a conversation, you get lost in the conversation.  And all of a sudden, your driving skills are impaired.  You start to feel like you're on the phone in your kitchen, BUT YOU"RE NOT!  You're driving a two ton automobile where your 100% attention is demanded.

Get off the phone and drive!

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