I was in Target a few days ago and spotted Raid Ant & Roach Killer claiming to be "Safe for use around children and pets".  So I bought it for the garage and a few spots inside the house.  Now I'm having to paint walls.

I read the instructions that told me what the product killed and how to spray it.  But failed to read the entire label.  Full disclosure, the first line of the instructions on the can say, "DIRECTIONS FOR INDOOR USE:  READ ENTIRE LABEL.  Well, I did not.  After I read how safe it was around children and pets, and how to properly spray the product, I thought I'd read enough.  Boy, I was wrong.

If you read further, the label says this particular Raid product may damage paint.  The instructions suggest testing a small area first, which I did not do.

Raid Instructions
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I sprayed all the lower garage baseboards and a few baseboards inside.  The next day, I notice discoloration everywhere the product came in contact with flat paint and I mean everywhere.

In addition, a week later, the product had still not dried on any of the floor areas and semi-gloss baseboards it landed on.  After reading further, the instructions state to wipe up excess with a damp cloth.  Wait, what?!  Are you kidding me?

Also, the instructions state to keep children and pets away from the treated area.  Well now wait a minute Raid.  You state on the front of the can that your product is safe for children and pets.  I'm now confused.

I've used Raid products for years and this has never happened.  Granted, it's my fault for not reading the instructions entirely.  But, why on earth would Raid formulate a product made to be sprayed on walls, baseboards, etc. that would harm any type of paint is beyond me.  And you have to wipe up excess, who came up with this idea?  And is this product safe for children and pets, I would have to say I'm just not sure.  Come on Raid.


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