When's the last time you were stung by a wasp? If you were, did a string of bad luck unfold in your life for a while afterward?

Duncan Sanches via Unsplash.com
Duncan Sanches via Unsplash.com

Is Getting Stung By A Wasp Bad Luck?

Getting stung by a wasp is never a pleasant ordeal, but the pain is temporary. Well, unless you're allergic, then it's a much more serious situation. But, if you're stung by a wasp, does it bring a wave of bad luck to your life?

Obviously, just being stung by a wasp in the first place is definitely bad luck, but does that wasp sting bring with it a series of unfortunate events that follows you around like a cloud above your head?

Many believe the wasp's sting serves as an omen of bad luck headed your way.

Might want to rethink that wasp tattoo you've been wanting.

Marcio Cinci via Unsplash.com
Marcio Cinci via Unsplash.com

Spiritual Meanings Of Wasps

Whether it's dreaming of wasps or repeatedly coming across them day to day, there are many religious and spiritual meanings and beliefs tied to wasps.

It's not all bad news either...

According to millersguild.com, many Native American tribes believe wasps symbolize productivity and organization.

In Christianity, wasps are seen as holy warriors and "are sent as a warning to keep evil humans in check."

Having an encounter with a wasp is widely considered to be a sign of good things to come both personally and professionally.

However, being stung by a wasp is seen as a bad omen.

From millersguild.com -

"While encountering a wasp is a good omen, an omen that indicates the betterment of your professional as well as personal life, being stung by a wasp, on the other hand, is a bad sign. You’ll probably be bombarded with unwelcomed changes in your life.

Also, never kill a wasp upon encounter, as it is considered ominous."

Great. Now you tell me.

Bianca Berg via Unsplash.com
Bianca Berg via Unsplash.com

By the way, if you want to try and keep wasps away from any certain areas around your home, "bees and wasps hate the smell of a dryer sheet and will stay far away from it" according to amazinganimalsplanet.com.

There are also numerous other beliefs that say getting stung by a wasp is actually a sign of good luck.

When it comes to being stung by a wasp, it seems like it all depends on which way you want to spin it...if you want to even spin it.

Do Wasps Bite?

Oh, by the way, did you know there's a difference between a wasp sting and a wasp bite?

That's right, a wasp can actually bite you with their mouth.

From kabbalahcenter.net -

"When a wasp stings, it injects a venomous substance into its victim through its stinger. This venom can cause pain, swelling, and itching. A wasp bite, on the other hand, is when the wasp actually bites its victim with its mouth. This can also cause pain, swelling, and itching."

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