If you've ever randomly found a dryer sheet in your mailbox, or if you ever do, it can be a weird thing. How or why would something like this be in your mailbox?

If you didn't put the dryer sheet in your mailbox, then chances are your mail carrier did. No, they're not trying to tell you that your mailbox stinks, they put it there to help keep wasps and yellow jackets away.

HIS Radio via Youtube
HIS Radio via Youtube

Tastofhome.com says that scented dryer sheets can be used to keep wasps, yellow jackets, and other flying, stinging insects from setting up shop in or around a mailbox. If a mail carrier spots some wasps flying around your mailbox when they make a delivery, they may toss a scented dryer sheet into it as an eviction notice to the unwanted residents.

If you have an issue with any kind of flying, stinging insect setting up shop in your mailbox, put a scented dryer sheet in there to help keep your mail carrier safe this summer!

Read more at tasteofhome.com.

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