A local radio host has issued a challenge to his listeners: if he has touched their lives in any way, he is asking them to donate to the American Lung Association.

John "JayCee" Falcon, the afternoon host on 99.9 KTDY, created the 'jeep jaunt' fundraiser in 2006. Since that time, the organization has raised over $650,000 for the American Lung Association.

JayCee promotes the 'jeep jaunt' on the radio to encourage people to participate in the event. Then, he had an idea:


I never thought about those who might not participate in the event because they don't have a Jeep or 4x4. Today, it hit me: ask anyone who has ever been touched by something I said on the radio to donate. Ask those who have ever won a prize on our radio station to donate. Ask those who brought their kids by for a tour to donate. Give them a way to participate without having to come to the event. - JayCee, KTDY

JayCee's birthday is next week, so he took to Facebook to create a Birthday Fundraiser. In the description of that fundraiser, he asks anyone who has ever been touched by something he did or said on the radio to donate. JayCee worked for the Louisiana Icegators for several years, and he even issues a challenge to anyone who won a prize from him there or had a t-shirt thrown to them in the Cajundome.

"Heck, if I let you through in traffic one day and you recognized me, show your appreciation by donating!" he said, half-way-joking-but-really-being-serious.

Courtesy of Charles Braun/Facebook
Courtesy of Charles Braun/Facebook

The American Lung Association, in JayCee's words, is hell-bent on eradicating lung disease and, until all lung diseases are eradicated, they are dedicated to providing resources for those who are living with lung disease. JayCee and his family are dedicated to helping the American Lung Association reach its goal, and you can help by donating.

JayCee and his family created the 'jeep jaunt' after the death of his mother, who was an asthma sufferer. It was an asthma attack that took her life, so they created the event in her name to benefit the American Lung Association to help others.  The 14th Annual 'jeep jaunt' rolls October 27, 2019.

Has he touched your life in any way on the radio or at a live event? If so, donate, if you can. If you can't, a share will help.

What? You say he hasn't touched your life? Well, you did just read this story, so there's that...



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