The iconic advertising character Flo is known worldwide as the main character in Progressive Insurance commercials. Appearing in over 100 ads on television, radio, print and website for the mammoth insurance company, Flo generally plays a fictional store manager in the ads for Progressive Insurance, but who is she in real life?

The actress/comedian from the popular Progressive Insurance commercials is really Stephanie Courtney.

Her character Flo is the brainchild of creative geniuses John Park and art director Steve Reepmeyer. Both worked for Arnold Worldwide in Boston.

In 2021, Flo was one of the top Halloween costumes in the U.S. The character is also the subject of numerous media groups and has websites totally devoted to her.

Over the years, Flo's character has been joined by other popular characters including Flo's Australian counterpart Kitte, played by Holly Austin, Jim Cashman who plays Jamie Mara, characterized by Natalie Palamides and others.

Actress Courtney has appeared in "Mad Men", "Everybody Loves Raymond", "ER", "The Brothers Solomon" and more.

Stephanie Courtney will be 52-years-old on February 8, 2022. She was born in Stony Point, New York and has two siblings. Her father is a teacher, her mother a singer.

Courtney's annual salary is $2 million and her net worth is estimated at $6 million.

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