A popular chain restaurant is planning to open more stores in Louisiana but this one is an interesting restaurant, its famous cuisine is Guatemalan.

Now Louisiana is known for its food but we also embrace and love cuisine that is not native to our state, and Guatemalan food is one of those beloved cuisines.

The very popular Guatemalan chain, Pollo Campero's has announced that they are planning to open 12 new restaurants in the Louisiana area over the next 5 years. Right now Pollo Campero’s has one restaurant in the state that is located in Kenner, but the 12 new stores will be featured in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas.

Not only will residents be able to get their hands on some delicious food but Pollo Camperos will be creating 400 new jobs in the state.

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According to Pollo Campero’s Director of Franchise Development Blas Escarcega, its unmet demand among both these original fans from Central America and new converts — plus a strong food culture and a love of fried chicken — has made the state fertile ground for expansion.

“The Central American experience is very, very powerful,” Escarcega said. “It is a thing that’s unique, very loyal. We recognize there’s been a strong influx of Central Americans (into Louisiana) and these are our ‘legacy customers, people who know the brand from their Central American roots. We’ve been operating in Kenner since 2015 and the store has been doing very well.”


We love our local fried chicken chains, Popeyes and Raising Cane’s, and these restaurants have taken the state by storm but there is always room for another restaurant, especially ones that have a little twist to them.

“The competitors are very successful and we respect them all, but what we've seen is that consumption of chicken over the last five to six years has continued to grow, and that along with our differentiators means there’s enough room for everybody.”-Blas Escarcega

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