Popes have used various vehicles when making their visits to the faithful across the globe. The first such vehicle was a 1930 Mercedes-Benz Nürburg 460, given to then -Pope Pius XI. Since then, various versions of a 'pope-mobile,' (a term disliked by John Paul II) have been in use. Pope Benedict XVI was also a Mercedes - Benz, and had both bulletproof glass and an interior oxygen supply.

According to The New York Post, Pope Francis often uses a modified Hyundai SUV to drive around Vatican City, but will instead use a Jeep Wrangler that will forego the usual bulletproof glass of previous vehicles. (Maybe he could participate in Jaycee's Jeep Jaunt next month?)  Pope Francis complained that the glass makes the pope-mobile 'feel like a sardine can,' but the lack of protection has lots of people worried.

Even without the glass, Pope Francis is still safer than much earlier popes, who were carried by 12 men on a silk - lined chair called a sedia gestatoria, or 'chair for carrying' in Italian.

I know that JayCee is excited that Pope Francis is sporting around in a Jeep; he's going to send the Pope an invite to the 'jeep jaunt'!