Earlier in the week, we told you about the Vatican's stance on the COVID-19 vaccines, Now, in a pro-vaccine Public Service Announcement released by the Ad Council, high-ranking members of the Catholic Church call vaccines "an act of love".

Pope Francis and other high-ranking members of the Catholic Church recorded the Public Service Announcement to not only promote the coronavirus vaccine and encourage its use, but to promote the equitable distribution of the vaccine as well.

His Holiness begins the Public Service Announcement with these words:

Thanks to God's grace and the work of many, we now have vaccines to protect us from COVID-19. - Pope Francis via Youtube

Pope Francis Ad Council via Youtube
Pope Francis Ad Council via Youtube

Cardinal Claudio Hummes of Brazil called the work of health care professionals "heroic", and goes on to call the vaccines "an act of love", especially for the most vulnerable of our human family.

John Falcon
Ad Council via Youtube

As it stands, less than 40% of Louisiana's residents are fully vaccinated and, with hospitals feeling the stress of the pandemic, a low vaccination rate is not good news.

Science has shown that people who are vaccinated who do contract COVID-19 are much less likely to need hospitalization. Of the over 3,000 COVID-19 patients in Louisiana hospitals, 91% are NOT vaccinated (LDH). So far in Louisiana, over 11,000 residents have died from the coronavirus, and 0 have died from the vaccine (WDSU).

There are many people in South Louisiana who 1) are Catholic and respect the Pope, and 2) are resisting the vaccines. I understand some of the concerns of those resisting the vaccines. The technicality of the vaccines having an "Emergency Use Authorization" makes many take pause, and that is understandable. The "not knowing what's in it" makes many take pause, and that is understandable (I'm no scientist, either, and the ingredients, well ... them's big words!). The "I'm young and healthy" excuse makes many take pause, and that was understandable, until I saw the number of young people currently hospitalized; the Delta variant doesn't check your DOB.

If you must take a pause before getting the vaccine, take a pause.

Take a pause, and then read more. Take a pause, and then speak with your physician. Take a pause, and then speak with your clergy member. Take a pause, and then look your children in the eyes. Take a pause, and then listen to The Most Holy Father:

Now take it off of "Pause", hit the "Play" button, and GET VACCINATED.

If you don't trust the science behind the vaccine, you won't trust the science they'll use to treat you in the hospital (if you are lucky enough to get a room). Listen to the Pope.

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