Pope Francis has fallen ill after praying for and "showing solidarity with" coronavirus sufferers, this according to The Daily Mail.

The top Bishop canceled a Mass yesterday, and staffers said that he would resume his schedule today, health pending.

Photographs have surfaced of the Primate of Italy coughing and blowing his nose during an Ash Wednesday Mass yesterday, this after having greeted crowds in St. Peter's Square. Other photographs, taken in St. Peter's Square, show His Holiness shaking hands and kissing faces, even after coronavirus warnings were issued.

The BBC is reporting that, at the time of this writing, Italy has seen a 25% increase in coronavirus patients in the last 24 hours, which puts the total number of known patients over 400. Deaths from the virus in Italy now stand at 12.

Pope Francis addresses Congress
Jim Bourg-Pool/Getty Images

The Center for Disease Control says that the reason the coronavirus is so dangerous is that scientists have not yet created treatments or a vaccine. COVID-19, as this strain is known, is more dangerous than the "normal" flu, as shown in its mortality rate. Of the over 80,000 known cases, more than 2,600 deaths have been reported.

Wash your hands, don't touch your face, and if you are feeling ill, stay home.


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