Although his royalness doesn't make the 2020 Presidential election results official, Pope Francis offering his blessings and congratulations to Joe Biden, who if elected, will become only the second Catholic President in U.S. history. The first was John F. Kennedy.

The Pope is welcoming Joe Biden into the White House even against the wishes of some U.S. Catholic Bishops. Bishops from around the U.S. have denounced Biden's stance on abortion. Biden says he understands and believes the Catholic church's stance on abortion but doesn't feel as though he or any branch of government should impose those beliefs on everyone else.

Photo by Evy Mages/Getty Images)
Photo by Evy Mages/Getty Images)

Pope Francis is known as the "cool" Pope. He's been very open with his beliefs on gay rights, tolerance of all people and even environmental issues. Pope Francis is popular with both Democrats and Republicans and heavily supported by Millennials all over the world.

Joe Biden certainly would not be the first U.S. President to chum up to the Pope. Almost all presidents do. It certainly doesn't hurt having the Pope in your corner while occupying arguably the most powerful seat on the planet. Not a bad idea to have the guidance of a higher power as well.

Joe Biden is in the middle of one of, if not the most controversial presidential campaigns in U.S history. President Donald Trump and others in Washinton have not ruled out election fraud and therefore President Trump has not yet conceded to Joe Biden. However, it sounds like Pope Francis has unofficially claimed Joe Biden the winner.

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