Pluck Wine Bar & Restaurant opened Wednesday, March 24th in the Central Business District in New Olreans and I can’t wait to try it. I’m super excited that now we have a place to visit in Nola that is dedicated to wine. Sommelier, Skye LaTorre opened the new wine bar for patrons to experience all that wine has to offer. LaTorre worked in New Orleans restaurants from 1999 until Hurricane Katrina. Then she worked around San Francisco and New York in the wine business, where she earned her sommelier certification, according to

The kitchen will be led by Heathcliffe Hailey, who built a name for himself at Mimi’s in the Marigny, which is now closed. Hailey’s menu is made up of food that will make you want to drink wine, not necessarily about specific pairings. You’ll find things like goat cheese croquettes, wild mushrooms cooked with garlic and sauce verdejo, grilled lamb chops with romesco, charcuterie boards, and a few sandwiches. It all sounds so delicious.

This is the closest thing to making wine that I can imagine for myself, being thoughtful about how I represent wines that I love and winemakers I admire. – Skye LaTorre

Ok, so let’s talk about the WINE. The wine list is so deep you will have no problem selecting something to fit your taste buds. Since Pluck’s focus is on wine, you will not find cocktails on their menu. LaTorre loves Champagne and Burgundy so she has given extra attention to those at Pluck. LaTorre also created a wine bar that welcomes those who want to explore and try new things. You can order by the glass or by the bottle, with plenty of bottles under $50.

That opens it up for everyone. Because wine is not just about the high end, there's so much nuance in between. That’s what I like to show people. – LaTorre

LaTorre wants Pluck to be a place where people feel welcome to go in for wine and learn more about what they like. Check them out next time your in New Orleans at 722 Girod Street. There is no phone so if you want to make reservations, you can do so on

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