Facebook has made it so easy to keep in touch with friends and family in faraway places, promote non-profit events, advertise a business, and share fake information.

It's that last part that gets my goat: sharing fake information.

Do you see the picture collage above? The person posting that picture claims it's from the migrant caravan in South America. It's not. It's actually photos from 3 different events.

I get it: you see a picture or meme that makes you angry or goes against your beliefs and you want to spread that picture or meme because it really gets your blood boiling. Here is where the problem lies: often times, those pictures or memes are misleading or outright fake, and are intentionally created or designed to make you angry or go against your beliefs. Intentionally created or designed to make you angry or go against your beliefs. Intentionally. On purpose. Its sole reason for existing is to get your goat and, judging by how many people share these things, it appears that the plan works.

If you are a liberal and are dead-set on getting President Trump out of office, please don't spread lies about him to try to bolster your efforts.

If you are a conservative and are in favor of keeping conservative politicians in power, please don't spread lies to try to bolster your efforts.


Here's another one: President Trump never said those words.

It took me a total of 7 seconds to find out the origin(s) of the collage posted at the top of this page. 7 SECONDS. Isn't your credibility worth a few seconds of research?

In the words of President Ronald Reagan: "The truth shall set you free". (Just kidding - President Reagan didn't originally say that. But you believed it for a second, didn't you?)

Stop spreading lies and fake news, y'all: it plays right into their plan.


(Facebook, Newsy)


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