When it comes to fighting cancer, sometimes it truly 'takes a village.'

That's what Pizza Village is doing for their GM, Kirk Trahan as he fights liver cancer. Trahan has been employed with Pizza Village for over 35 years and the owners of the company describe him as "a brother" in a Facebook post announcing a benefit to help Trahan in his time of need.

I immediately recognized Trahan from my visits to Pizza Village on Moss Street over the years. He would always check me out and not once did I leave their establishment without hearing his appreciation and kind words.

During the special benefit for Kirk on Sunday, April 5 customers will have a chance to order the Kirk Special. It's his favorite meal and includes an Atchafalaya Pizza with jalapenos and an ice-cold Amber Bock draft beer.

Pizza Village
Pizza Village

100% of the proceeds at both the Kaliste Saloom and Moss Street locations will go to Kirk on this day, so make plans to make it a pizza night as we help Kirk to kick cancer's a**.

You got this, Kirk!

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