A friend of mine posted this heartbreaking photo on Facebook Thursday. Two pit bull puppies were dumped on the the side of a highway.

The puppies, scarred and bruised, were hungry and covered in parasites when they were found. Luckily my friend, who is a veterinarian, and her husband picked up the puppies and brought them to an animal hospital in Crowley.

These pups were left on the side of a highway between Jennings and Elton. As you can see in these photos, these puppies have been scared due to fighting. Who does this?

If you'd like to adopt these puppies or offer your support for them call CVH at 337-788-0614.

I cannot believe someone would do this to animals. It takes someone with a lot of hate in their heart to just leave puppies on the side of the road. And to subject them fighting? I'll just stop there.


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