This isn't good.

A listener submitted several photos to me that show various drainage passageways blocked by debris in parts of upper Lafayette Parish. 

The photos are from areas just north of I-10, near Mills St., and some directly under I-10 between Scott and Lafayette (Ambassador Caffery).

As you will see below, the passageways that help drain areas north of I-10 are now blocked with large limbs that floated down after a recent flood.

I can't confirm that the debris was there prior to recent floods, but the person who sent the photos to me confirms that it appears that the debris has been there for a while as the grass has now grown between many of the limbs.

Lafayette Parish officials are currently addressing the drainage and flooding issues throughout the parish, but here's one place they may want to observe.

I personally have seen a number of drainage ways blocked by debris and litter in Lafayette Parish after storms and this issue will only impede the flow of water the next time we get a major thunderstorm storm or hurricane.

The photos below are being submitted to the parish so that they are aware of the problem and I am told that parish officials will be looking into this matter.

If you see any issues in drainage, you can always submit photos HERE so that we can bring them to the attention of officials.

For a while, our colleagues on "Lafayette Live," which airs on KPEL News, have also asked that you submit any drainage issues or photos as such to 311 Lafayette Services.


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