Today I learned about about a movie called "Southern Comfort" from 1981 that is packed full of South Louisiana Cajun goodness. The movie seems to do a fantastic and fairly accurate job of portraying what the Cajun lifestyle is all about. That's actually what a lot of people were shocked by when the movie was released. It's was a little too real for some folks, or at least this one particular scene.

"Southern Comfort" is set in 1973, and features a Louisiana Army National Guard squad conducting weekend maneuvers in Cajun country as they antagonize some local Cajuns, and become hunted. The movie was billed as sort of a Cajun version of "Deliverance". Part of the reason why the movie got the Cajun culture pretty spot on, especially the music, is because Cajun royalty Mr. Dewey Balfa was brought in to collaborate with Ry Cooder on the music.

So, what the heck "shocked" people about this movie?

In the scene you'll see in the video below, two of the main characters have stumbled upon a boucherie. The Cajuns shoot the hogs to be cooked, and it's not any Hollywood trickery going on, they are actually shooting real hogs. No big deal to us, but for folks who aren't accustomed to things like this, it came as quite a shock. Not sure how they think the bacon on their plate got there, but I guess they just didn't want to really think about it.

Being that I've never seen "Southern Comfort", I'm definitely watching it this weekend. I love the movie poster quote "It's the land of hospitality...unless you don't belong there."


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