Today, it seems that we spend more time looking for something to watch than we do actually watching it.

I know that when I get to the menu of a streaming service, it takes me MUCH TOO LONG to make a decision on what to watch. Sometimes I just watch 30 or 40 trailers and then call it a night.

And, if you recall, things weren't so different back in the 1980s, when Blockbuster was at its peak.

I remember showering and dressing as if I was going to a social event before heading to Blockbuster (because let's face it: you never know who you'll run into there). And then taking who knows how long before finally deciding on which movie to rent.

Pat Greenhouse/TheBoston Globe // Getty Images

By the time I'd get home, it was almost as if the movie-watching part of the evening was a second thought.

But, a trip to Blockbuster is a mere faded memory to many - until now.

Blockbuster is making a sort of a comeback, but this time, it's adults only.

Daily Meal is reporting that a Blockbuster pop-up bar has debuted in Los Angeles and, if you didn't know better, you'd feel as if you've been time-warped back to the 1980s.


According to the story, the Blockbuster bar looks and feels like the Blockbuster video stores, except instead of picking a movie to rent, you pick a movie-themed drink for the mixologist to bring to life for you.

While you are having your cocktail, you can also enjoy a few choices from the bar's menu.

Tickets for the experience are listed at $45 on the Blockbuster website, but drinks and food are extra, of course.

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