If you miss Blockbuster Video, you might want to visit this guy's basement...in a non-creepy way.

To bring you back to those Friday nights where you rushed to Blockbuster to grab the DVD, VHS, or video game that you wanted to watch/play for the weekend, this guy built Nostalgia Video in his basement.

Nostalgia Video has everything that you remember from Blockbuster. The displays of all of your favorite movies, DVD's and VHS included. They've got snacks, toy figurines, movie soundtracks, dimly lit corners, flashy neon lighting, and more.

There seems to be sections, just like at Blockbuster as well. And signs for "Blockbuster Rewards" cards.

Do they have new movies at Nostalgia Video? It seems so...somehow, someway, this guy was able to get his hands on a VHS version of "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Deadpool".

Don't let that fool you, the majority of the movies, toys, and even candy are reminiscent of 80's and 90's Blockbuster nostalgia.

He even has his own Instagram account for Nostalgia Video where he offers t-shirt orders, and, of course, pictures from inside of his basement.

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