We've all heard of southern hospitality, but this is definitely a new level of kindness.

As Hurricane Delta is set to make landfall, Louisiana residents from Lafayette to New Orleans are saying they would rather the hurricane hit their town instead of having Lake Charles and SWLA go through another direct hit.

Many people in southwestern Louisiana are barely getting back on their feet while others are still picking up the pieces.

A viral photo that was posted earlier this week showed the magnitude of just how many people were still recovering from Hurricane Laura—a storm that ravaged SWLA back in August.

Another aerial view just puts an exclamation point on why people are hoping that Hurricane Delta would just hit them instead.

Luckily, the storm will continue to weaken as it makes its way onto land and won't be as strong as Laura, but will still impact south Louisiana.

Let's hope that Delta is as kind to SWLA as these random strangers on Twitter.

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