Sean Payton is gearing up for his first season as the head coach of the Denver Broncos and it seems like he's finally ready to talk about why he left New Orleans. That departure, which came with plenty of time left on his contract, rocked WHO DAT nation.

But a new interview with ESPN may shed some light on exactly why he made the decision. It centers on a study that showed the Saints as an 'extreme outlier in penalties drawn' as later reported by fan site Fansided. That report apparently ended up at league offices and it was sent by Payton himself.

Saints fans don't have to think back too far to remember some of the bad officiating that seemed to have plagued the Saints in recent seasons. But the "NOLA No-Call" may be the most egregious and even led to some rule changes.

"NOLA No-Call"

This instance had to be a tipping point for former head coach Sean Payton. The infamous no-call that ended the Saints' season back in 2018 was a heartbreaker. I was at that game and trust me when I say we walked to the car in a state of shock.

The controversial moment happened during the NFC Championship game, where the Saints faced the LA Rams. A critical non-pass interference call on the Rams led them to victory. It sparked outrage among fans and non-fans alike and sparked calls for rule changes for officials.

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