The popular app Pandora takes its name from the phrase "opening Pandora's box," which doing something that seems small but which has serious and far-reaching consequences.

That's what Pandora did for music streaming, giving listeners a multitude of music to listen to according to their genres of preference. Best of all, Pandora was free. Until now.

Fox News reports that Pandora has decided to limit the amount of time listeners can stream tracks before paying for the Pandora service. The limit is due to a 25% increase in the royalty fees the company pays to play the music it offers. Pandora doesn't believe this will affect too many of its listeners; it reports that the average user listens for 20 hours per month on the go, and that overall the increase will impact less than 4% of customers. However, that's still over 2.5 million people.

My solution: click here and learn how you can download the free and unlimited app "radioPup." That way, after you've used up your 40 hours on Pandora, you can continue to listen to great music with no limits and no fees.


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