We all love a good charcuterie board so why not take the pancake stack to a whole new level with a pancake board? Pancake Boards are a hot brunch trend and I couldn’t love it more. When it comes to pancakes, everyone has their favorite toppings. You have the basic pancake eater who will put butter and syrup, while others want to add berries and whipped cream. It’s also perfect for the picky ones in the bunch. Can I just hug the person who thought to make a “pancake board”? Talk about upping your brunch game. If you're entertaining and hosting a brunch or slumber parties, this will be a hit. It's also perfect for Father’s Day or just a regular Saturday morning breakfast.

Facebook, Artisan Cafe
Facebook, Artisan Cafe

If you want to go all out and make homemade pancakes that would be great. But you could always make the set up super-easy with frozen pancakes. Especially, if you’re having a large party. The more toppings to add to the set-up the better. The beauty of making one is that there are no rules. You put what you want on it and lay it out how you want to. 

Tips for making a pancake board:

  • Board: Get a large enough board to hold everything you want. 
  • Pancakes: Arrange them in the center, or in a cool design. Make sure to leave plenty of room for the toppings. You can always store the pancakes in a container and add them to the board as needed. Obviously place them on last so they stay warm.
  • Small ramekins: These are the perfect dish to hold syrup and spreads like jam, Nutella, and peanut butter.
  • Butter: A stick of butter already sliced thinly makes it easy to pick up.
  • Toppings: Arrange the toppings in a creative way that adds dimension to your board. Don’t forget to leave space for the pancakes. Toppings can include strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, whipped cream, walnuts, almonds, sprinkles, cinnamon, bananas, chocolate chips, and powdered sugar.
  • Meat: Adding bacon strips and sausage links will add to your preparation, but it's so worth it. Plus, who doesn’t love bacon drizzled with syrup?

The possibilities are endless. And so delicious. 

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