TIL of a band called Rockin' 1000, a group of 1000 musicians that play concerts.

Yes, all 1,000 musicians (from all over the world) set up to play and sing simultaneously, and it is epic. Here they are performing AC/DC's "Highway to Hell":

The group started as somewhat of a joke in Italy back in 2015. They were just trying to get the band "Foo Fighters" to visit their town and it actually worked, according to Wiki.

SIDE NOTE: Viewing this performance (and even just thinking about this performance) gives me chills, so I had a conversation with myself to find out why. This is my conclusion:  in a time where so many things in society seem to be ripping us apart, to witness over 1,000 people work together to flawlessly perform a song instills in me the hope that, one day, our country CAN and WILL be in harmony with itself.

Now, go watch that video again, unless you just shaved your legs.


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