There are a number of beaches in Louisiana, and our listeners weigh in on the best ones to visit.

It all started with a search: 'best Louisiana beaches.' I found a few articles that all mentioned the same locations, but I decided to ask our listeners what they felt were the best sandy locations in the a state not known for its beaches.

Little did I know I'd get the response I did. Those that answered seriously mentioned a few of the spots listed on various sites, but most thought the very idea that there are any good beaches in Louisiana was crazy.

Here are some of those responses:

KTDY via Facebook

There were a few serious answers among the jokes:

KTDY via Facebook
KTDY via Facebook

Maybe the better question would have been 'are there any good beaches in Louisiana?' It turns out that there are some beaches in the state that are worth your time even if they aren't quite the quality of beaches in Alabama and Florida. Here are a few recommended by

Grand Isle

Holly Beach

Rutherford Beach

Fontainbleu State Park

Click here to see the full list. Click here to see more responses from our listeners on our Facebook page!


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