A number of celebrities (mostly minor ones at that) have recorded a video demanding that Congress 'stand up' to Trump, whatever that means.

This is an opinion piece, but it's not really about politics. It's about common sense and action. Let's get the stupid out of the way first: asking Congress to 'stand up' to the president is like asking your mechanic to change your oil when you go in for an oil change. One of the purposes of Congress as part of the Legislative Branch is to take part in a system of checks and balances so that the president cannot abuse his power. Congress is already supposed to be 'standing up' to the president.

Here's the video:

As for these celebrities making this video and the ones made to keep Trump from being elected, here's the thing: most Americans don't want to be told by anyone how to vote. Not by celebrities, not by family members, not by friends. I know I certainly don't. Celebrities seem to think that their fame and fortune means that their fans (we 'common folk') want to hear their opinions on political and social issues. I'd bet good money most people would agree that they just want entertainers to entertain. Just like I don't want to hear about politics from my doctor when he should be telling me about my health.

If these celebrities really wanted change, they'd put all that money and influence into real action. Instead of getting in front of another camera to give another performance, get out of the studio and do some good. Think of all the good work you and I often think of doing if we just had the money, the time, the influence. Celebrities can do that and more, yet they waste time and money on more preaching. All that does is cause more division when we need to be working on unity and peace.

Finally, none of us should be waiting on politicians or celebrities or anyone else to bring unity and peace to this country. That's up to us and always has been. If you didn't like the outcome of the election, do something in your own sphere of influence to make things better. Focus on the real world you live in, not the one that exists in Washington or Hollywood. We'd all be in a far better place as a country and a world if we did.

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