Just over a week ago, it was Morgan Wallen fever in Acadiana as everyone was trying to get their hands on the hottest ticket in years.

The show sold out in minutes and everyone was clamoring for an opportunity to see one of the brightest stars in country music for one night on the Cajundome stage.

As you can imagine, folks were hitting us up at the radio station left and right on how to score tickets or even better yet, backstage passes.

And of course, we tried hooking up as many as we could with free tickets, but the meet and greets weren't happening on this tour so very few got to actually hang with Morgan Wallen while he was in town.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

Those are the kinds of emails, messages, and letters we get often when a big act is coming to town. "How can I meet 'fill-in-the-blank' artist?"

But an email we received here at the radio station from a Lafayette mom wasn't asking for tickets or the chance to meet Morgan. Nope, she just was hoping for some words of encouragement from Mr. Wallen.

I got an email from Andrea Guidroz a few days before the big concert. In it, she explained to me about her 12-year-old son Brevin and some of the difficult things he has been going through. She also said that her son is a huge Morgan Wallen fan and that Morgan's story and his music have really helped her son.

In her email she would further say:

When you publicly apologized, we sat down together and watched it because YOU are someone he looks up to! The words you said, recognizing your wrong doings, & taking accountability of your wrong doings. YOUR ACTIONS MATTER! Although he has A LOT to learn, he is learning. That being said, if you could just reply and with a simple "Good Job, Brevin" for a little positive reinforcement, it would absolutely make his day! As a mother, I can't thank you enough for being the role model you are.

(Of course, by now, pretty much everyone knows the troubles that Morgan Wallen faced a while back, so we won't really need to elaborate here.)

I knew we had to pass this along in hopes that it would get to Morgan. And that it did.

While hanging for a few minutes with Morgan Wallen at his April 23rd Cajundome show, someone from his management team came up to me and said, "Hey, get me an address, because Morgan has written a note to the boy."

Now, this is exactly why country music and country artists are the best. There isn't a genre of music out there where the artist and the fans are so connected, and this is a shining example.

I reached out to Mrs. Guidroz and got their address, and lo and behold, yesterday she sends me a message with a picture of a package and the caption: "There is a young man that is going to STROKE when he gets home & opens this box. STAY TUNED"

Andrea Guidroz, Facebook
Andrea Guidroz, Facebook

This sure looks like something more than a letter. And a few hours later, Andrea shared with everyone exactly what Morgan sent and included a touching video of Brevin opening his box and reading the letter.

Get the tissues ready before you watch this.

Wow, just wow. I'm not sure what more you can say about country artists than what is exemplifed by this small act of kindness. By Morgan taking a few minutes out of his day, it quite possibly will forever change this young boy's life.

Thank you Morgan for your kindness and compassion. Keep on your good path.

And Brevin, you're rockin' the same, buddy! Keep up the good work and we can't wait to see what big things you do down the road.

Andrea Guidroz, Facebook
Andrea Guidroz, Facebook

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