Today is a great day. Not because it's my birthday or celebs like wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, actor Chris Hemsworth or country singers John Conlee and Priscilla Block. ;)

No, this day is special because we get to celebrate the super, awesome (and close personal friend of Morgan Wallen) Brevin Guidroz's birthday! Our dude from here in Lafayette is 13 years old today.

You may remember Brevin's story from earlier this year when his mom Andrea reached out to us to hopefully get a message to country star Morgan Wallen. Brevin is a huge fan of Morgan's and had been through a rough stretch personally. His mom was just hoping for a few words of encouragement from the singer.

We made the connection and later Morgan would send Brevin just that, a handwritten note of encouragement. That was in late April.

Fast forward to July and a surprise meeting was set up by Morgan's management and Brevin got to meet Morgan before a concert in Orange Beach, Alabama.

You can read both those stories here:

The feel-good of this story gets even better. A few days ago Brevin got another package in the mail from Morgan Wallen. But it had a note on it that read: "Don't open these until August 11th!"

Andrea Guidroz, Facebook
Andrea Guidroz, Facebook

Brevin is a much more disciplined kid than most of us at his age because he didn't open the package until today.

It was well worth the wait. Brevin's goodies from Morgan in the box included a Morgan Wallen fathead, some Costa shades, and a pair of Jordan Zion 2 shoes.

Again, how cool!

But as you'll see in the Facebook post below, Brevin didn't want these things after all.

In the backstage hang with Morgan last month, Brevin was asked by the singer what Brevin wanted for his 13th birthday and he proceeded to mention a few things. Morgan took note.

However, a few days later, Brevin and his mom stumbled on a TikTok account @prayersforgracie. Gracie is a four-year-old battling cancer and she absolutely loves Morgan.

Andrea decided to contact Gracie's mom and would learn that Gracie's dream was to meet Morgan Wallen. So that's when Brevin stepped in and said he wanted to get in touch with Morgan to let him know that he had a wish for his birthday -- to make Gracie's dream come true for her to meet Morgan.

It appears that wish will come true in the future. Morgan's birthday note to Brevin read as follows:

Happy 13th Brevin! Hope this first year of being a teenager is the biggest + best one yet for you. I appreciate how selfless you were and that your bday wish was for me to meet Gracie, don't worry I'll do that too. I also wanted to get you a couple of presents as well. I hope you like them. Have a great birthday + see you soon. -Morgan

Excuse me while I go see what's stuck in my eyes again.

Morgan, Brevin, Andrea, and everyone in Morgan's management, thank y'all for being good people. This story keeps getting better and our hearts are happier for each of you.

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