A Lafayette boy got the surprise of a lifetime this past weekend at the Orange Beach Morgan Wallen show when he was suddenly invited to go backstage and hang out with Morgan Wallen!


Morgan Wallen Surprises Lafayette Boy

Brevin's mom, Andrea Guidroz, contacted us back in April ahead of Morgan Wallen's sold-out show at the Cajundome.

She wasn't asking for tickets. She wasn't asking for a meet and greet.

All Andrea was hoping for was possibly some words of encouragement from Wallen for her son Brevin who was going through a rough patch in his life.

Well, Morgan Wallen caught wind of Andrea's request for her son and was more than happy to help.

12-year-old Brevin Guidroz couldn't believe his eyes when a care package showed up at his house, complete with a handwritten note with words of encouragement from Morgan Wallen.


Andrea Guidroz, Facebook
Andrea Guidroz, Facebook


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Little did Brevin know then that another stroke of amazingness would soon be coming his way...

This past weekend Andrea and Brevin went to see Morgan Wallen at The Wharf in Orange Beach.

As they sat in their seats before the show, someone claiming to work for the venue offered Brevin a backstage tour.


However, she wasn't fooling Brevin.

See, when it comes to Morgan Wallen. Brevin is what you'd call a "Super Fan".

He knows everything there is to know about Morgan Wallen, even Daisy Seymour with Big Loud Records, Wallen's label.

From there, Brevin's wildest dreams came true as he got to hang out with Morgan Wallen.

From Amber Guidroz via Facebook -

"The conversation between these 2, was like they’d known each other forever! They talked music, sports, teams/players, about life- he really is just a plain ole country boy."

Below are some pictures from Brevin's once-in-a-lifetime hang with one of Country Music's biggest stars, Morgan Wallen.

Major props to Morgan Wallen for taking the time to help change the life of this young man.

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