She came back home, but not alone.

LSU Gymnastics Star Olivia Dunne showed up in Tiger Stadium last weekend when the LSU Tigers took on the Arkansas Razorbacks.

While sporting a yellow dress, with white boots, she was spotted in the stadium with another former LSU star, Paul Skenes.

For months there have been rumors of Dunne and Skenes dating, but after a few recent appearances together, we can probably put the rumor to rest and assume that this power couple is a thing.

LSU v Auburn
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Dunne, who is arguably the biggest star in LSU gymnastics history, showed up to the game last Saturday with the former LSU Baseball star, who was the number one pick in this year's Major League Baseball draft.

They didn't try to hide their appearance and certainly weren't tucked away in a suite. Rather, this LSU power couple stood right in front of the LSU student section prior to the game.

Olivia Dunne Instagram
Olivia Dunne Instagram

Dunne has been spotted at some of Skenes' minor league games, thus that really solidified the rumors that they were dating, and photos surfaced of the two at a high-end Baton Rouge restaurant just a few months back.

Here they are back at home enjoying a night in "Death Valley." LSU defeated Arkansas with a last-second field goal, so perhaps they are good luck and should return for future games.

We'll see.


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