A new olive oil tasting bar has opened in Lafayette, and its sure to take your meals to the next level.

Developing Lafayette is reporting that the new bar, Graze Oil, has opened inside the Graze Acadiana store.

What is an olive oil tasting bar? Exactly what it sounds like, and more - it's where you can go to taste olive oils and learn how to pair them with different kinds of balsamic vinegar.

The folks at Graze Acadiana have really made a splash for themselves in Lafayette as they offer fresh, delicious, premium charcuterie to the area. Now, they are stepping up their game with the new olive oil bar, offering Ultra Premium olive oils and different kinds of balsamic vinegar.

The story mentions that there are about 40 different variations of oils and different kinds of vinegar available at Graze Oil and, since the oils are Ultra Premium, you can expect to pay extra.

Most people are fine with the olive oil one can purchase at a grocery store, but when you move into the Ultra Premium varieties, you will easily realize the difference in quality.

Graze Oil also offers accessories to go along with the oils and different kinds of vinegar, and will also be hosting demonstrations with chefs to teach you how to pair/use the different kinds of vinegar and oils in your own kitchen.

Graze Acadiana and Graze Oil are housed together on Arnould Boulevard in Lafayette.

By the way, if you want to be the hit at your next party, show up with charcuterie from Graze Acadiana - so delicious!

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