It had to be said.

I want to start off by saying that I frequent NuNu's Fresh Market and I am never disappointed in their product or service.

Like many things during this pandemic we're currently in, prices of meat has skyrocketed. And no, it has nothing to do with local stores trying to take advantage of you or me.

Sadly, several local stores have been accused of "price gouging" in recent weeks, but a few things should be noted before you accuse a store of such.

For example, the price of beef has more than doubled in recent weeks due to a shortage of workers in the plants. That particular variable affects the price of meat (supply and demand) and unfortunately, it trickles down to the small stores.  If it costs a store more to get the product, then we have to pay more upon purchasing.

Another important variable to consider when addressing high prices in stores now is shipment. A lot of stores are trying to re-stock their shelves overnight and when that happens, the price for shipping goes up. We all know that, right?

So yes, we have seen higher prices in stores during the coronavirus pandemic, but it isn't always the store's fault. And like you and me, those who run and work at these stores see and hear everything.

In the message below you can just sense that management at NuNu's Fresh Market has been affected by the accusations that they are trying to take advantage of their customers. In a very emotional Facebook post, NuNu's notes that it hurts to hear such words and they don't know how much they can take.

I encourage you to read their message below and please be considerate when making accusations during this very difficult time.


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