While driving home Sunday afternoon my travels took me by two different Raising Cane's restaurants, and they were both closed (they are usually open late). Dark. No cars, no lights - nothing. Knowing how busy I've seen them, I have no idea why I thought "OMG! RAISING CANE'S ARE CLOSING FOR GOOD!" (No, I'm not usually a drama junkie)

When I got home from work, my neighbor was getting out of his vehicle with a couple of bags from a different chicken joint. I asked "Supper?", and he said, "It's usually Cane's, but they all closed."

With those words, my blood ran cold. My palms started to sweat and my taste buds were beginning to well-up with taste-tears, afraid that they'd never enjoy the glory that is Raising Cane's Iced Tea.

As a follow-up on my way into work yesterday, I noticed that both locations appeared to be fully functioning! Why did they both close so early on Sunday? New hours? Did they have to count the chickens?

This morning, I get answers. Actually, I had the answer on Sunday but didn't realize it.

Two sources gave me the answer. The first, this morning, was Reddit:

There was another individual who was worried about Raising Cane's seemingly unscrupulous decision to close and, being more proactive than I, he/she reached out to the Reddit community to get the real answer.

Reading the post on Reddit reminded me of some photos I had watched on Snapchat: sister users Lori and Spacey had both Snapped from the bowling alley Sunday night. In the photos, the bowling alley was decked out with Raising Cane's banners and all! I just didn't put the thoughts of seeing Cane's closed and the banners at the bowling alley together to come up with the explanation.

Photo courtesy of Lori Mine
Photo courtesy of Lori Mine

According to the post on Reddit, Raising Cane's closes its restaurants once per year to give their employees a party. What a great company, no?

Rest easy, my friends: you will not have to look for another one love!

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