Single ladies, love yourself on Valentine’s day. Valentine’s Day is the most hated day for single ladies.  But, why? It doesn’t have to be. I remember my first Valentine’s Day after splitting from my ex was a huge learning experience for me.  At first, I was carrying the “Ugh Attitude”. But, I read something and actually put it into effect and it worked.  What did I read? Well, in a nutshell, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love.  You can’t love another unless you love yourself. Use this day to become closer to yourself, treat yourself, love yourself. Look at the glass half full instead of the glass half empty.  Be happy to be alive and love your life.


So, how do you celebrate Valentine’s Day by yourself? No one wants to go sit in a restaurant all alone while its full of couples having a romantic dinner. Here are some great tips on how to embrace Valentine’s Day as a single woman.

  1. Treat yourself to the spa. Take time to relax and pamper yourself.
  2. Order food to dine in and rent a movie. Yes, all by yourself.  A comedy would be better than a romance (duh). Plus, laughing gives you endorphins. As for the food, make sure it's your favorite.  Don’t skimp with a salad. Get dessert too. Oh, and wine. Lots of wine.
  3. Plan a trip by yourself. Whether it’s a day trip or an entire weekend, just get away and make it a retreat.
  4. Get a tattoo. Think about something meaningful that really defines you. Find something you truly love about yourself and get a tattoo as a constant reminder to love yourself.
  5. If you love being around kids, babysit for a couple that never gets a night out.
  6. Splurge on a mini shopping spree. If there is something you’ve been eyeing, treat yourself and buy it.
  7. Take the day to simply unplug. No phone, no laptop, no work. Just you. Ahhhh.
  8. Visit a nursing home. It will make you feel really good to share some love with the elderly.
  9. Write yourself a love letter. In it, put everything you love about yourself and why you’re a great person. Seal it and put it away for a rainy day. You never know when you’ll need a reminder of how great you are.
  10. Buy yourself flowers.


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