The days of Diamond-certified album sales for 10 million copies sold may be coming to an end as the music industry struggles to reach the sales plateaus they did in the pre-downloading era. So when an album does hit Diamond status, it's all the more impressive, and Nickelback's All the Right Reasons disc was the latest addition to the lofty sales club.

Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez spoke to Nickelback about the accomplishment and how the Internet has changed things for musicians. When asked about their thoughts on reaching Diamond status and being in the rare company of acts like Nirvana, AC/DC and Michael Jackson, guitarist Ryan Peake stated, “It’s kind of like sneaking into a club when you feel like you’re going to get kicked out."

Singer Chad Kroeger went into further detail discussing what memento they received for the accomplishment and added, "We were ecstatic and very humbled."

From there, the discussion turned to the continued problem of declining record sales across the music industry and whether at this point it's better to sell out stadiums or rely on album sales for your income. Chad Kroeger astutely pointed out that it depends on where a band is in their career, while recalling a rather prophetic and telling conversation with Jon Bon Jovi earlier in the band's career when they were opening for the rock vets.

Peake, meanwhile, expressed his concern on how the declining sales affects songwriters. “When you see a lot of these new songwriters coming out, honestly, there’s not a lot of incentive unless you’re in a band and playing live," explains the guitarist. “If you get in the music business to make money, it’s a terrible idea. Do it because you want to do it."

Finally, Chad Kroeger says it's the band's hope that they can "sustain and maintain" over time rather than rely on sales numbers these days. See more of Toni Gonzalez's discussion with Nickelback in the video above, and pick up the band's new album, Feed the Machine, at iTunes.

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