We have all seen the infamous slap by now. The viral clip from The Oscars ceremony has been playing on a loop across television and the internet. You couldn't have missed it.

However, a new and unseen video angle of the slap has emerged, and it shows Jada Pinket Smith's reaction after her husband Will slapped Chris Rock.

In the video above, the view is from behind Will and Jada immediately following the slap. You can see Jada laughing at Chris as he attempts to continue the show and laugh it off, as Will goes back to his seat.

The internet is reacting to this new video, and some might be changing their opinion. Some are taking this video as a confirmation of what they think happened.

This is far from over, and the opinions and conspiracy theories will continue to spiral out of control until someone directly involved with the situation speaks candidly about what happened. It could be a while before that happens.

The Academy released a statement on Wednesday saying they tried to diffuse the situation to no avail.

It's highly unlikely that Will would be stripped of his Best Actor win, which happened less than an hour after the slap. More than likely, it would fall along the lines of suspension from The Academy and any programs/work associated with it or expulsion for a lifetime, meaning Will could make movies all he wants, but he would never be able to be nominated for an Oscar again.

Meanwhile, Chris Rock returned to the stage for the first time on Wednesday night in Boston. Someone in attendance recorded a bit of his opening, and he briefly touched on the incident. People in the audience said he was in good spirits and a bit emotional when the audience gave him an extended standing ovation when he walked on stage.

Here's the video millions of people saw on Oscar Sunday. You had to have had your eyes closed since Sunday or just been asleep for days to not have seen this.

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