Lafayette is one of only three cities that are getting a new store concept from Sears, and it opens this Memorial Day Weekend.

For those that aren't keeping score at home, that's THIS weekend (5/24)—so make your plans to check out the new store that is located at 4405 Ambassador Caffery. According to a story from our friends at The Advertiser, a New York-based retail consultant by the name of Jennifer Haddad believes Lafayette was a good fit for the new concept from Sears.

The opening of Sears in smaller towns such as Lafayette is a great move for them and will allow them to connect with their customers better on a community level. Their store format is getting smaller and their list of services is getting bigger, which I am sure will be received very well by customers.

The Sears retail store that anchored the Acadiana Mall for 38 years closed back in 2017, but Sears Home & Life general manager Rebecca Linn says that the store chose Lafayette for one of their three locations in the country because research showed that loyal shoppers still wanted another Sears.

The baby boomers, we’re still here for them. And then the upcoming families growing homes. We’re wanting this to be the future Sears. We have scaled it back a little bit for a footprint that allows us to learn and move forward with a profitable company. That’s the overall goal — to be profitable.

The new Sears Home & Life store won't be the only Sears brand in town as Lafayette currently has a Sears outlet store off Evangeline Thruway that sells appliances, tools, lawn & garden gear and more.

Check out the full story over at The Advertiser for more information on the new Sears concept set to open this weekend.