You've met someone. That's an exciting feeling. It can also be dangerous. New romance bathes our brains in endorphins, giving a feeling of euphoria, that may cause one to overlook signs of potential trouble ahead. I found a list of 16 Red Flags from I've experienced most of these at one time or another. You may have, too.

#2 (He / she wants to see you every day), and #13 (No other friends or interests) are particularly worrisome. Why does this person have no other friends and nothing else to do? #4 (rudeness to service personnel) is a pet peeve of mine. I've worked in restaurants and bars, as have several PEOPLE close to me. Being rude to people who bring you food & drinks not only shows you to be an abrasive jerk. It's a bad idea...think about it.  Take #8 to heart. If your friends don't like this person, that's a strong indicator he, or she may not be the one for you. There's an old saying, "Follow your heart, but take your head with you."


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