Lauren Romano is a network contributor for Yahoo Shine. She says her years working as a waitress gave her the opportunity to learn a lot about people.

Here are a few key insights she has to share.  #1 a conversation is just that, not a monologue.  If you don't allow your date to get in a word edgewise, they will lose interest so fast it will make your head spin. If you're having dinner, silent lulls are nothing to be concerned about . after all, you each have a plate of food in front of you.   #2 Little surprises  will take you far. Do something nice that's unexpected.   #3 If there's anything in your cellphone you don't want your date to see, keep it locked or inaccessable.   #4 no one is to old to find love.    #5 Your attitude toward service personnell is a strong indicator of your attitude toward people in general. Being rude or abusive to bartenders, and waitstaff can sink you like a torpedo.

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