The roads of New Orleans have claimed another innocent victim.

WWL-TV shared several photos of a school bus stuck in a collapsed portion of a road in the Cresent City.

It's no hidden secret, the roads in New Orleans are terrible and this time a school bus was impacted by the subpar road conditions in the city.

According to the New Orleans TV station, the bus got stuck on the 4000 block of General Ogden Street, which is in the Dixon neighborhood.


Some students were on the bus when it sunk into the road, but no injuries were reported and the students were safely removed from the bus that was stuck. Their school day did go on as they were later loaded onto another bus for transportation.

As you would expect a tow truck had to be called in to remove the bus from the hole or collapsed portion of the road.

The sinkhole according to some in the neighborhood is about 9 feet deep.

Here's another look at the privately owned school bus stuck in the hole.


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