A couple of brothers are going viral once again, as the younger brother received quite the welcome home from school. The older brother dressed up in absurd costumes just to show some love to his little bro after he hopped off of the school bus every day.

YouTube via The Bus Brother
YouTube via The Bus Brother

While The Bus Brothers YouTube page was most active two years ago, many online have become obsessed with the clips that show a little brother getting quite the welcome home from school.

Whether it be a sumo wrestler or even 'Batman'...


These two brothers seemingly have a great relationship.

The older brother has quite the array of costumes, such as a flamingo suit...


A compilation of the brothers' clips is what has them going viral years after oringally sharing the content online. Check out that Twitter post below.


Clearly, the older brother gets a kick out of embarrassing his younger sibling. But it seems like the younger brother somewhat enjoys the hilarious antics.

Check out more of their videos below.





What do you think of the brothers' antics? Have you ever been embarrassed by your siblings? Let us know in the comments!

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