New Orleans Saints star linebacker Demario Davis wore a headband on the field for the team's first four games of the 2019 season. It read: "Man of God."

After Week 4, Davis was fined $7,017 by the NFL for wearing the headband. (Apparently, the headband just wasn't noticed those first three weeks.)

According to the NFL, Davis' headband is not allowed due to the "personal messages" article in the rulebook.

Fair enough. Since Davis is no longer allowed to wear the headband, however, he's decided to sell it and donate the proceeds to a charity.

So now you can purchase your very own "Man of God" headband and all proceeds will be donated to St. Dominic's Emergency Department.

There are actually several versions of the headband. You can also get "Woman of God" and "Child of God" headbands, with some coming in pink.


Each headband costs $25 and comes with a free "Man of God" wristband. Shipping in the USA is also free.

Well done Demario, well done.

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