The new year looks to be bringing a new restaurant to Lafayette!


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The Daily Advertiser reports Lafayette looks to be getting a new restaurant opening on W. Congress St. in the former location of Acadiana Karate.

According to documents obtained by The Daily Advertiser from the Lafayette Consolidated Government permit office, renovations should begin soon at 2464 West Congress Street.

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The restaurant at 2464 West Congress Street takes up 2,360 square feet of the shopping center, which will soon hold the new Hub City Fitness Elite in the former Fred's space.


New Lafayette Restaurant

The new Lafayette restaurant is called Shakebacks. Shakebacks' hours of operation will be interesting, opening at 10 p.m. and closing at 2 p.m. the next day.

Co-owner Terrance Jeffery tells that Shakebacks is aiming at catering to the "late-night crowd and early-morning crowd who don’t have many choices. We wanted somewhere where college kids can come late at night and don’t have to eat fast food."


There's also a little more information about Shakebacks posted to the Foodies of Lafayette Facebook group.

Foodies of Lafayette have posted a link to Shakebacks' where you can keep up with the latest information on the upcoming restaurant. You can check that out HERE.

You can also follow Shakebacks on Instagram for a "Grand Opening treat"!

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