Reports are saying that a New Jersey man is in the hospital after reportedly jumping from a ninth-story window and crashing into a parked BMW sedan below. Graphic video shows the aftermath of the incident where bystanders were assisting after hearing the loud crash.

*** WARNING - This story contains graphic videos and photos***

Instagram via @hudpost
Instagram via @hudpost

Concerned bystanders huddled around the man who reportedly jumped from a New Jersey building and survived after his fall was braced by a BMW sedan. The latest reports say that the man jumped from a window of the building.

See the story from @Newslink7com on Twitter below.

Once again, the videos and photos from the incident are quite graphic as the man suffered significant injuries. Viewer discretion is advised.

See videos and photos from the incident via @hudpost on Instagram below.

You can hear the man say, "What happened?" as he rolled around on the sidewalk in pain. He clearly suffered a broken arm in the crash, as many urged him to stay still while the ambulance was en route.

I hope the man recovers from this incident, as the report notes he is in critical condition.

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