If you're a fan of casinos you're going to love this. If you love music and concerts you're going to love this. If you love all of the above you might want to sit down because your head might explode.

Nola.com reports that Dakia Entertainment Hospitality has entered into an agreement with Universal Music Group to open a live music lover's casino paradise in Biloxi, Ms to the tune of $1.2 Billion.

This will be the most expensive resort ever built in Mississippi.

The music themed casino will feature a a 12,000 seat indoor concert atrium and provide "customized music experiences including classes for local and regional students and artist interactions" according to nola.com.

In addition, there will also be a 125,000-square-foot casino, a hotel with over 1,000 rooms, an 18-hole golf course with a teaching academy, offshore fishing tournaments, restaurants, and much more.

The new casino will be located on the previous Biloxi Broadwater Resort property.

The casino is slated to open in the Spring of 2023.

Read more over at nola.com.

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