One man was arrested and another left without a nose after a scuffle at a Gulf Coast Casino.

According to Fox8Live, the fight began on a golf course and spilled over to the casino.

Arrested was Mark Curtis Wells (assumed innocent until proven otherwise).

According to the story
According to the news release

When police got there, they found a man with a "disfiguring facial injury".

After interviewing the victim, the police found out that the suspect had removed the victim's nose forcefully through means of mastication.

The whole thing started after an argument at a nearby golf course. It was an all-day argument, according to the press release, that carried over into the parking lot where the nose was eventually bitten off.

The suspect, Wells, allegedly fled the scene in a Tesla. Some time after the police issued the press release, Wells, from Biloxi, Mississippi, turned himself in, was charged with mayhem, and then promptly paid the $50,000 bond to be released.

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