Is "The Notebook" even "The Notebook" anymore if the ending is changed?

Nicholas Sparks' book turned movie has caused thousands of people to sob uncontrollably over Noah and Allie's love story and most of those tears were shed due to the ending of the movie.

If you made it through the end of "The Notebook" without crying you must not have tear ducts. I don't care who you are, that final scene is sad!

You know what I'm talking about when I say "final scene", right? In case you need a refresher, the movie ends with Noah and Allie dying in each others arms after Allie finally remembers their love story. *cue instant tears*

According to the Daily Mail, in the newly edited Netflix UK version the unbelievably emotional final scene is "replaced with an earlier scene in which Duke promises to return and complete his story the following day, along with the rather less satisfying shot of birds flying over a lake". *cue instant confusion*

No one knows why Netflix UK decided to ax the original ending, but people are not too happy about it and have taken to Twitter to give Netflix a piece of their mind.

"The Notebook" grossed $115,603,229 at box offices worldwide and is still the highest grossing romantic drama of all time. I don't think it got that kind of credit by ending with a bunch of geese flying over a lake!

So, Netflix UK, let's do us all a favor and bring back the original ending.


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