My niece got married over the weekend (it was a great wedding: Ramsey was beautiful, John was as handsome as all get-out) and my nephew, Lil John, was part of the ceremony.

Before the ceremony began, we were backstage (oops!!  I mean, in the 'foyer') and they were getting Lil John dressed.  My brother, Jim, was holding him while my sisnlaw, Debbie, put the flower on his 'lapel', or in this case, his lil suspenders!

Shannon snapped a picture while they were tending to him, and it turned out to be a fantastic photograph, so I posted it on the KTDY Facebook page:

Lil John

Some of the Facebook comments:

  • Starr:  Sha, So Cute!!
  • Tammy:  priceless:)
  • Wendy:   Sha bay bay!!
  • Stella:  Cutie pie!!
  • Joan:  OMGoodness he is adorable!
  • Lynn:  OMG!!  How cute is he?!
  • Annette:  He looks like a ham
  • Greg:  Sharp dressed man
  • Ramsey (his mother!):  We love our little man!  This photo is priceless!!
  • Jim (his grandfather):  Wow!  I appreciate the compliments, but how about some love for my grandson?  :)    LOL!  Him and his "Mawdy" make this picture!
  • Artemis:  This photo is priceless not because he's such a cutie...but the exchange of expressions on both male subjects!! LOL! It's almost like you can hear "JohnJohn" asking if the lady really has to 'fix him' and the gentleman is giving him that look like..."Get used to it kid! Women are always trying to change us men!!" LOL!!! Great shot!! (AND) He's a doll!!
  • Tracy:  Adorable!  Can see the love there, too!
  • Naara:  Did he try to take it off?
  • JayCee (Me!!):  Nope! He made it all the way up the aisle to the alter (his cousin was pulling him in a wooden wagon) and was relatively good for the complete ceremony (which was really cool, btw.... after they were announced "Man and Wife" and kissied-face, they danced back down the aisle to "Great Balls of Fire"!! It really was a great wedding.. <<JayCee>>

I just thought that this picture was too awesome to not share!



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