Some pretty wild video is going around of multiple UFOs silently traveling through the sky above New Jersey.

UFOs Over New Jersey
UFO Sightings Daily Via YouTube


These days there are more objects flying around in the skies than ever in human history or at least as far as we know. Clearly, we all see planes and helicopters blinking around in the night sky, but in 2021 we also routinely see things like drones, satellites, even Michael Strahan.

As such, if you just look up, you're bound to see something zipping around...something you can't definitively or easily identify.

Taking all of that into consideration, this video out of New Jersey is pretty weird.

UFOs Flying Over New Jersey

Some residents of Paterson, New Jersey got quite the shock a few weeks ago when began noticing multiple bright lights traveling through the night sky.

The man who caught it on video, Louis Stevens says the strange lights appeared for about five minutes as traveled overhead according to

The lights, traveling at a fairly slow speed, appear to be in an odd, jumbled kind of formation.

Stevens first sent his video to PIX 11 in New York who then reported the strange activity to the Federal Aviation Administration who told them that nothing had been reported during the incident in question according to Newsweek.


Paterson, New Jersey UFO
UFO Sightings Daily Via YouTube


Could it be a bunch of programmed drones?

Years ago I saw something very similar in Lafayette. The most common explanation I got from people seeing my video was that what I had seen were Chinese lanterns.

Personally, seeing the way the lights moved through the sky, I definitely don't think it was Chinese lanterns that I experienced. I'm not saying it was aliens, but it certainly wasn't Chinese lanterns.

The video I took is honestly not that great, but you can see it HERE.

Check out the video below from PIX11 shows what Paterson residents saw that night.


Below is the raw, unedited video shot by Louis Stevens.


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